We take your game to new places, so you can grow, on and off the field.

Our Belief

Sport is full of moments that shape us. You make the shot, you climb a little higher, you reach your peak. The view from the top takes your breath away. You lose, you miss. Your opponent picks you up. Your teammate dusts you off: “We go again”. Game-changing moments take place when we step up, develop, or shift our mindset. Win or lose, tackling ambitious new challenges tests our limits and helps us grow.

With distance and difference, we create intense, unforgettable experiences to broaden your sporting horizons, set new standards for yourself, and explore a world of opportunity you didn’t think possible.

Together, we’ll take your game to new places.

About Huddle

We live for sport.

For the places it can take us – on and off the field. And the unforgettable moments that start with “I was there when…”. With 40 years of longstanding and evolving partnerships, we open doors to phenomenal venues and elite-level coaching in the world’s most extraordinary locations.

Part training camp, part competition, entirely breathtaking experiences: each of our game-changing tournaments is an incomparable festival of sport, where your school team plays for a place on the podium and finds achievements far beyond the term-time boundary, and where our network of venues, elite-level coaches and international competitors collide to create an unmatched developmental experience.

This is the stage for your school to go head-to-head within your own competitive networks and beyond. To take on rivals, forge friendships, and change your game completely. Whatever the result – shared and personal wins emerge with equal permanence. Not every achievement ends on a podium or engraved in a trophy but everyone gets the joy of playing for something they’ll remember.